Same is the situation with lucid dreaming, there are no restrictions. It is really difficult to understand the real notion of the lucid dreaming, but the instructions for lucid dreaming are very easy to understand. Unknown activities fear always let the people backward from humanizing their lives and understanding their own capabilities. This lucid dreaming will let a person brings positive change in his life, and increase comfort level in the life. There are some techniques for the betterment of lucid dreaming stories, and they will draw out state of lucid dream.
* First Technique:
The first thing to understand for a person is to know that he is dreaming. For the practice of this technique, it is necessary for the person to ask himself if he is dreaming. This can perform during day timing when he finds himself stressed and in certain unexpected situations. Ultimately, when a person starts dreaming, he will ask himself again the same question. So, during this time, a person is able to control lucid dream and its outcome.
* Second Technique:
This technique includes different stages of lucid dreams. When a person sleeps for about six hours or more than it, his body at some point goes into the state of rapid eye movement (REM) and then comes out. Normally, during the sleep closer to the awakened state, a body goes in the deep sleep state, also known as Non-REM sleep. The lucid dream exists in the REM sleep, means the lucid dreams are more available before awakening time. This is the time when a person can recall his best lucid dream time.
* Third technique:
This technique involves the good dream recall timings. This technique will let a person to wake up him and recall whatever he dreamed. It is better for a person to take a journal and write whatever he remembers about his dream. By the passage of time, the recalling of dream will become clearer and easier. It is a trick to raise the person's mind so then he may be able to recall his dreams. It is the best recalling technique for lucid dreaming stories. This is an alarming or an awakening technique during sleeping.
* Fourth technique:
It is a mild technique, which involves the Mnemonic induction of Lucid Dreams (MILD). This method involves the awakening of a person after five hours and let him tell he is dreaming. It will help the brain to reprogram itself and remember that it is dreaming. This is different with the other techniques, but it works in a better or a similar way. By the help of this MILD technique, a person can ask his perception to remember his lucid dreams. After some time, his body will become used to of it, and he does not want to awake himself to do this job.
These lucid dreaming stories are the best way to relax down and keep away from stress. It will inspire a person and gives confidence to him.